CCL Rulebook 2021

CCL Rulebook 2021

Section One - General

1.1 - Introduction

• The following documentation is used to establish rules and create a safe and fair playing field in the Canada Contenders League (CCL).

• The rules outlined in this documentation are to be followed by participants in the CCL. Participants who fail to adhere to these rules may be penalized, and may be subject to disqualification and/or removal from current or future participation.

1.2 - Canada Contenders League

• CCL is a Canadian-based Rainbow Six: Siege league focused on diversifying and developing the competitive scene in Canada. The CCL staff strives to supply participants with a safe and competitive environment to showcase and develop their skills.

1.3 - Rulebook

• The CCL rulebook is the official source of information and rules for CCL and cannot be found anywhere else.

• CCL staff reserve the right to update the rulebook at any time without further notice.

• In extreme circumstances where the rulebook cannot support a matter, CCL staff reserve the right to make the final decision with the information they are provided with.

• CCL staff have the final decision in all matters.

1.4 - Code of Conduct

• CCL does not tolerate any of the following actions and/or behaviours:

• Racism and discrimination

• Sexual harassment

• Threats to CCL staff or community members

• Doxxing and DDOSing

• Impersonation

• Cheating, including match fixing and tampering with anti-cheat files

• NSFW content

• Advocating for the above behaviours/actions

1.5 - Prizing

• CCL prizes will be transferred to the captain of the team via Paypal.

• Once prizes have been transferred to the captain of the team, CCL does not hold any responsibility to ensure the equal distribution of the money.

• The minimum prize pool for stage one is $500CAD:

• 1st - 50%

• 2nd - 30%

• 3rd - 15%

• 4th - 5%

Section Two - Structure

2.1 - League Format

• CCL will feature eight teams competing in a single round robin format

• Teams will compete in weekly best-of-two matches over the course of seven weeks.

• The eighth week of CCL will feature playoffs. Playoffs will be structured in a single elimination best-of-three format.

• The grand final will be played in a best-of-five format.

• Season 1 of CCL will begin on July 10th and end on August 22nd. Playoffs will begin shortly after.

• Matches will be held on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2:00pm EST. Please view the full schedule to see your match times.

2.2 - Qualifiers

• Qualifiers will take place during June, and will run throughout the whole month.

• Qualifiers will feature a double elimination bracket in a best-of-one format.

• The top two teams from each qualifier will qualify for CCL.

• To participate in qualifiers, teams are required to pay a $40CAD entry fee. This gives them access to all four qualifiers that will be running for the entire month of June.

• Refunds may be requested if a team has not yet participated in any qualifier games. Partial refunds cannot be given. Refunds will be transferred back to teams after July 1st

2.3 - Map Veto

• CCL uses to facilitate the map veto process.

• CCL hosts the map ban process and will be sent to either team 30 minutes before the scheduled match time.

• Teams may not host their own map bans. Any map bans that are not conducted through CCL are not valid.

• In the event a team fails to begin the map veto process before the scheduled match time, the team may be subject to forfeit.

• Any conflicts involved with the map veto process can be taken up with CCL staff.

2.4 - Map Veto Rotation

• BO1: Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Pick

• BO2: Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick

• BO3: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Decider

• BO5: Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Decider

2.5 - Map Pool

• CCL matches may only be played on the following maps.

• CCL operates under the competitive map pool, therefore, it may be subject to change.

• Chalet

• Coastline

• Consulate

• Clubhouse

• Kafe Doystoyevsky

• Oregon

• Villa

2.6 - Points System

• To determine seeding during the regular season, teams will be awarded with points for map wins.

• The maximum amount of points a team can obtain per map is 3 points.

• Map win: 3 pts

• Overtime win: 2pts

• Overtime loss: 1pt

• The maximum amount of points a team can obtain per playday is 6 points.

Section Three - Match Process

3.1 - Custom Game Hosting

• All matches in CCL will be played online using the Central United States (CUS) servers.

• Matches will be hosted by a CCL observer. Please ensure that you have the observer added and are open to receiving game invites.

3.2 - Before The Match

• Please ensure that you are present in the lobby and ready to play at the scheduled match time.

• If a full team is not present in the lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, the team may be subject to forfeit. If only 4 players are present at the scheduled match time, teams will be allowed to play a man-down (4v5).

• Teams that are unable to play with more than 3 players will be subject to forfeit.

3.3 - During The Match

• Players are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during their matches.

• Usage of the in-game all chat feature is allowed as long as the messages sent by players do not break the CCL code of conduct.

• Players are only permitted to use the CCL discord for voice communication during their online matches. This is to ensure fair play and competitive integrity.

• One member of the support staff is allowed to be present within the voice call during the match, however, they will be server muted for the duration of the match.

• Support staff are only permitted to speak to their team between maps.

3.4 - Technical Pauses

• Technical pauses are defined as pauses during a match to fix player issues such as disconnections and game crashes. There are two types of technical pauses: rehosts and technical timeouts.

• Rehosts are to be used as a last resort if a player cannot rejoin the custom lobby.

• Technical timeouts are to be used in the same manner as rehosts, however, the lobby will be kept and the match will be put on hold until the player reconnects to the lobby.

• The maximum duration of a rehost is 10 minutes. If the player fails to join the new lobby within the allotted time, the team will be required to play a man down (4v5).

• The maximum duration of a technical timeout is 5 minutes. If a player fails to rejoin the lobby within the allotted time, the team will have to play a man down (4v5).

• The amount of technical pauses given depends on the match format:

• BO1: 1 rehost, 1 technical timeout

• BO2: 1 rehost, 2 technical timeouts

• BO3: 2 rehosts, 2 technical timeouts

• BO5: 2 rehosts, 3 technical timeouts

• Rehosts may only occur during the prep phase or within the first 30 seconds of the action phase as long as 0 player damage has occurred.

• In the event a player is inflicted with less than 5 player damage, a rehost will be permitted.

• If a player inflicts more than 5 player damage to themselves or their teammates, a rehost will not be permitted.

• If a rehost occurs during the prep phase or actions phase, the same site and same operators must be picked by both teams.

3.5 - Ping

• The maximum ping players may play on is 120ms.

• In the event a player is playing on a ping greater than 120ms, please rehost to try and fix the issue. If the player is still consistently playing on a ping greater than 120ms, a protest may be opened up with a CCL admin.

• Players that cannot reduce their ping below 120ms will be subject to forfeit.

3.6 - Unintended Mechanics

• In order to maintain the highest level of competitive integrity, certain actions are restricted from use.

• Passing through objects to get to positions where the players cannot be both seen and shot as normal

• Standing on a window ledge undetected

• Using a Mira window to boost

• Blocking a window vault with a shield

• Shooting through non-destructible floors, walls, and any other objects/surfaces

• Placing an evil eye on an Alibi hologram

• One-way shots

• Placing equipment or gadgets into areas where they cannot be destroyed.

• Spawn killing within the first two seconds of action phase

• Vigil boosting to undetectable areas

• In the event a player engages in restricted mechanics, teams must open up a protest with a CCL admin. If the player is found to be using the mechanic intentionally, the offending team forfeits the round.

• Players who consistently engage in unintended mechanics may be subject to further penalization.

3.7 - Operator Sanctions

• CCL follows the competitive guidelines for operator sanctions.

• All operators are allowed for use in CCL except for certain sanctioned operators.

• Current sanctioned operators: Thunderbird.

• In the event a sanctioned operator is chosen, teams must use the 6th pick option to select a different operator.

• In the event a sanctioned operator is chosen and the 6th pick option is not used, teams must team-kill the sanctioned operator.

• If a player has used the gadget of a sanctioned operator, teams must open up a protest with a CCL admin.

3.8 - Match Conflicts

• In the event a match conflict occurs, teams may request a protest with CCL staff.

• To start a match protest, teams must contact a CCL admin.

• Teams must request a protest immediately when a match conflict occurs.

• CCL staff will investigate the case and make a fair decision based on the details given.

• If a team waits until the end of a match to protest a matter, the protest will be denied as it was not executed immediately.

3.9 - Banned Cosmetics

• CCL follows the competitive guidelines for banned cosmetics.

• The following cosmetics are whitelisted and are permitted for use:

• Pilot Program 1 & 2 team skins

• Pro League Gold Sets

• Default Skins

• Current and Future Phase 3 Esport Skins

• Any cosmetics that are not listed in the whitelist above are banned from use. This does not apply to weapon skins, charms and shield skins.

• Technical pauses may be used to remove illegal cosmetics.

• In the event a player wearing an illegal cosmetic inflicts more than 5 damage to the enemy team within the first 30 seconds of action phase, the team will automatically forfeit the round and a technical pause will occur.

3.10 - Forfeits

• Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 forfeit games per season.

• To initiate a forfeit, teams must contact a CCL admin.

• If a team has to forfeit more than 2 matches, the team will be disqualified from the league and will have their future matches forfeit.

Section Four - Competitive Integrity

4.1 - Anti-Cheat

• Teams are required to run MOSS anti-cheat during all official CCL matches.

• Teams are required to submit their MOSS files through Discord within 15 minutes after completion of a match.

• Failure to submit MOSS files will result in forfeit.

• If an opposing player is suspected of cheating, teams are permitted to request a MOSS check of the suspected player.

• MOSS files that have been tampered with will be void and the team will be subject with a forfeit. Admins will investigate the offending player and penalization may occur.

4.2 - Cheating

• Cheating is defined as using macros or cheating software to gain an unfair advantage over players.

• Match fixing, which is defined as the manipulation of results, falls under the same category as cheating.

• Players found to be cheating will result in a permanent ban from CCL.

4.3 - Forbidden Tools and Programs

• In order to maintain competitive integrity, certain tools and programs have been banned from use during matches.

• Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and any other tools that distorts or tampers with the player’s connection

• Virtual Machines or any other tools that allow for the creation of a virtual desktop

• Any program that allows for the remote viewing and control of machines

Section Five - Communications

5.1 - General

• All communication between CCL staff and players will be spoken and written in English.

5.2 - Discord

• Discord is used to facilitate communication between CCL staff and players.

• Teams are required to join the CCL Discord server as it is what teams will use during official matches.

• Teams will be assigned their own roles and will be given their own text channels.

Section Six - Teams and Residency

6.1 - Rosters

• Team rosters must consist of a minimum of five active players, with an allowed two substitute players.

• There is no limit to the number of games substitute players can participate in.

• Teams must designate one active player as the captain, who is responsible for handling administrative manners.

• During the regular season and playoffs, rosters will be locked and transfers will not be available. The roster lock for Season 1 will occur on July 8th at 12:00pm EST.

• Players may not play under multiple teams in one season.

• In between seasons, also defined as transfer periods, are times when teams are permitted to make roster changes.

• CCL operates under the 3/5ths rule, meaning that 3/5ths of the original roster must stay intact. Failure to hold 3/5ths of your roster will result in disqualification.

6.2 - Residency

• Team rosters must contain a minimum of three players who currently reside in Canada.

• Team rosters are permitted to have a maximum of four players who currently reside in the United States of America, however, game-day rosters must include the minimum three Canadian players.

• Coaches are not held under any residency restrictions.

6.3 - Age Restrictions

• To participate in CCL, you must be at least 16 years of age or older.

• CCL staff reserve the right to request proof of age and residency at any time.

• Failure to provide the appropriate details may result in disqualification and removal from the league.

6.4 - Player Restrictions

• Player names and in-game avatars must conform to the CCL code of conduct.

• Players with any current or past Battleye or Fairfight bans are not permitted to participate in CCL. Furthermore, players who have admitted to cheating in the past or present are not permitted to participate in CCL.

• Players will provide their Uplay username upon registration for CCL qualifiers, and are not permitted to play on any other account.

• Players must notify a CCL admin in the event of a name change.

• Players accounts must have a minimum clearance level of 50 to participate in CCL.

Section Seven - Game Settings

7.1 - Settings

Playlist Type: Normal Mode

Time of Day: Day

HUD Settings: Pro League

Server Type: CUS Server

Voice Chat: Team Only

Game Mode: TDM - Bomb

Number of Bans: 4

Ban Timer: 20

Number of Rounds: 12

Attacker/Defender Role Swap: 6

Overtime: 3

Overtime Score Difference: 2

Overtime Role Change: 1

Objective Rotation Parameter: 2

Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played

Attacker Unique Spawn: ON

Pick Phase Timer: 15

6th Pick Phase: ON

6th Pick Phase Timer: 15

Reveal Phase Timer: 5

Damage Handicap: 100

Friendly Fire Damage: 100

Injured: 20

Sprint: ON

Lean: ON

Death Replay: OFF

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